Barricade Inn

Squatted Anarchist Social Centre


We are very keen to see new people / groups putting on events in the Barricade Inn.

If you want to host an event, email an event form to

If you are hosting a late-night event like a gig or a party, we ask that you provide 3 workers for the night to work alongside people from the Barricade collective and that you help take out the recycling the next available day.

All events should be non-profit based and as open and inclusive of people as reasonably possible. No one should be turned away for lack of funds – all gigs\events, if they have a charge, should be ‘suggested donation’. As a squatted space, we do not ask for ‘rent’ or a fixed price for hosting an event – we do, however, appreciate donations towards the space.

We enjoy having events on in the space as we like people to share knowledge and play gigs. We try to keep the suggested donation as low as possible and so we only cover travel expenses except for in exceptional circumstances.

Please try and send your event form in at the earliest possible date.

We do not do promotion for events, beyond posting it on our page\website. If you want to host an event, make sure to promote it well in advance yourself!

The last and most important thing. We do not intend to make money on gigs. We would like to cover travel expenses and any more money that is made we would like to go to a cause. If you do not know what cause to fund raise for, we have loads of suggestions. Examples are the Abortion Rights Campaign, Women’s YPG Brigade in Rojava, Kurdistan, No-Fracking Dublin